Justice League #1 Review


Justice League #1 Review

Randy Pence

With the release of Justice League #1, the relaunch of DC Comics becomes official. In an attempt to gain new readers, younger, readers, and bring readers back, DC has rebooted all of its super hero comics.

Justice League #1 is the launch title of this reboot. The book starts with Batman exploring the city looking for a criminal. He is soon met by Green Lantern who is surprised to see Batman is actually real. This world is very distrustful of super heroes so while the two look for the criminal who is believed to be an alien (hence why Green Lantern is in Gotham City), they are attacked by local law enforcement.

During this we are introduced to Victor Stone, the best high school athlete ever according to this story. He is being hounded by college recruiters but is disappointed that his dad could not attend his game. His father is seen in shadows working on some kind of secret project.

After dispatching the law enforcement, Batman and Green Lantern find the alien who attacks the two of them and cries out his master’s name. I’ll let you read the book to find out who specifically that is, but they come out swinging with a powerful DC villain. After taking care of the alien, the two set out in search of Superman.

Green Lantern decides to go in solo but is quickly taken care of by Superman. We are left with a shot of Superman in all his glory teasing the confrontation between him and Batman.

I thought this book was a good intro. The main arc appears to be the team coming together to form the JLA and take on the big bad.

Hal Jordan is characterized as very cocky, likely having received the powers very recently. He is shocked to learn Batman has no actual powers and is just a guy in a bat suit. Batman is his normal self and Vic is not yet Cyborg. Geoff Johns is the main writer on this book and he does a great job with the story and the dialogue. The artwork is also very good and Scott Williams looks to be taking the book in a good direction art wise.

I enjoyed this book and recommend that you go out and get it. It’s a great place to get started if you need a jumping in point for comics.


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