Two Years Down, Many More To Come

Wow. Unbelievable. Has it really been two years already. yes it has. July 24, 2010, the first post went up on this very website. This site was mostly intended to be a hobby. It has transformed into so much more.

This site has really evolved over the past two years. I have personally grown in my writing ability, photography skills, and even my people skills to a certain degree. I have always enjoyed geek culture and have always wanted to contribute to it in some way. Now I have found a way to do so.

The audience I have built up and the connections I have made make me want to put more into it. The goal now is to be the place where geeks can unite as one and set aside all of our differences to just be geeks. Star Wars, Star Trek, whatever you love, we can grow from one another and enjoy all of our geeky hobbies. I am even more so committed to that goal.

With a new year, come new challenges. I have pondered how to make the site even better going forward. I have a few plans for the next year. Aside from better writing and better photos, I plan to expand into the world of video. The plan is to start doing some video reviews and some update vlogs to keep everyone informed. I also plan to work on the convention coverage to make it so much better. With the upcoming Nerdapalooza, where some of the initial talks that stemmed GWO took place in 2010, hopefully I’ll start to expand the type of coverage we have at conventions. With the site being born just after Nerdapalooza 2010, it’s cool to be going back to the event this year with my first ever press pass to an event. It really makes things feel like they’ve come full circle.

Other than that, it’ll be the same efforts to keep growing our fanbase and being the place for geeks to call home.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the support we’ve had over the past couple of years. Thank you to the on air plus of such podcasts as Slacker & The Man and Just A Couple of G’s. A huge thank you to Sci-Fried, whose motto of “Geeks Unite” inspired many of the goals of the site. To Marc With A C who throws us a good word every now and then. To my fellow bloggers in Generation Geek Orlando and Geeq Shuq: keep it up. We’ve shown how the geek websites can coexist and form a geek brotherhood. We don’t need to compete with one another, I support both of you and want your sites to grow right along mine. And to everyone else who supports us: thank you. Your support means the world to me and I couldn’t have done it without your help.

Onwards and upwards to our third year and hopefully many more to come.

Your webmaster,

Randy Pence


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