Geek World Order Turns 12 Years Old

It’s another year down and it’s time to reflect on it once again. Today, the site turns 12 years old. That’s still hard to believe. It’s definitely been an odd year for sure.

As the world slowly started coming back to normal from the lockdowns, conventions were slowly making their way back. On this very day a year ago, I was at MetroCon in Tampa with a press pass in hand. Armed with DSLR and GoPro, I went about my day and did what I love: experiencing geek life and creating content to document it. It’s been a slow build getting back into the swing of conventions, but they are back in full force here in Florida and it’s been fun to see what shows have come back and how the convention schedule has been shaping up.

I followed that up with a return to DragonCon after the postponement from 2020. A great experience as always. I’m ready to head back this year after and continue to experience new things there. Last year was my first parade and I look forward to that again as well as everything else there. I certainly need that vibe and time with nerdy family after the last few months.

From a content front, I did more of the same. I continued to do my photography and really felt my style evolve and get to a point where it’s easier to spot my work online as it becomes more refined. I continued to make vlogs and I feel more comfortable on that side of the camera as well. I watched some earlier vlogs and really see the progression. I’m already working on how to continue improving my vlogs and provide more consistent and quality content.

I was able to take on new experiences and responsibilities both in the cosplay and personal worlds. A year ago in my day job, I accepted a permanent promotion into a leadership position. I have been studying books on leadership and customer service to improve those skills. As we came to the end of the year and ready to tackle 2022, another opportunity came up. In the GIJoe costuming group I’m in, The Finest, our previous garrison CO decided to step down at the end of the year. I became the new CO of our garrison, Task Force 27. I have spent the year working on arranging events for our team and learning that side of the convention scene with communicating with event promoters. It has been a challenge and I am getting more comfortable with the role.

Much of 2022 has been in a stall pattern. Earlier this year, I spent some time in the hospital and had a lengthy recovery. None of these experiences I want to repeat again. This has shown me a number of things and has helped my change a number of things to get healthier. Sitting on the sidelines and missing events such as MegaCon (my first convention ever that I had attended for 17 straight years). I have new goals to rebuild myself to handle conventions better and get in better shape to don a super suit at next years DragonCon. The past few months have not been easy but I look forward to getting back in the convention scene full swing.

My plans for the next year are to live life and experience more conventions. Continue to refine my photography and do more dedicated cosplay shoots and work with my great model friends. I want to be able to direct a shoot better and I need to get more confidence directing a shoot. I plan to work and arranging more events for my Finest team to help raise more money for the K9s fort Warriors. I am going to work on being more comfortable and entertaining on camera while I do my convention and Disney vlogs. I also want to try some other creative endeavors and take you all along for the ride.

It’s still crazy to believe this journey has been going on for so long and is about to enter it’s wild and crazy teen years. Here’s to the future my friends. This journey we share as friends and family. To you all I say, Live Long and Prosper.

Thank You and Much Love,

Randy P. – Geek World Order


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