’s Twincast Episode #3: Yay Internet

If you wanted more Rodimus, you’ll be getting more Rodimus. If you don’t want anymore Rodimus, put some popcorn in the microwave instead. Now back to your scheduled programming – the third episode of the Twincast/Podcast!

Episode #3: Yay Internet

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  • Skice as Giggling Rodimus Fangirl Fanboy
  • Savage as Shattered Glass Rodimus
  • Pyrostrata as Slipstream
  • Counterpunch as Punch disguised as Counterpunch disguised as Rodimus
  • Tigertracks 24 as Vector Sigma
  • Seibertron as Rodimus Prime
  • Mkall as Hot Shot


News covered in this episode:

We gave our two cents on the following figures:

And of course the usuals:

  • Ask The Twincast
  • This week in Transformers history: The Kid Rhino VHS Tapes of the Original Transformers Volumes 1-3 are released

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