Twincast Episode 8: That’s Just Prime

Fear not, loyal listeners, the Twincast is back! And boy, do we have a show for you!

For your listening and downloading enjoyment, see the link below:

First on the chopping block are the new images of Generations G2 Optimus Prime. Just like all of you, the Twincast team has plenty to say about this iconic homage. We offer lots of praise, criticisms, and even thoughts on where to display him.

Next up, we’re checking in with Power Core Combiners. This week, the Twincast examines two new PCC figures: Undertow and Salvage.

And don’t miss Pyrostrata bringing you the scoop on upcoming Galleries from!

Much to our dismay, Legends Megatron has been capped!
…because Hasbro doesn’t want you robbing liquor stores with their toys!

You’ve seen Transformers: Prime. You knew it was coming: Transformers: Prime, Twincast style! In this episode, the Twincast team breaks it down over Transformers: Prime. Characters, plot, voices, writing, we discuss it all! Transformers: Prime is a smash hit, and we’ll tell you why!

If you don’t wish to hear any Transformers: Prime spoilers, please listen for Counterpunch’s spoiler warning. The spoilerific Transformers: Prime breakdown will last for the majority of the remainder of the episode. To resume listening at a safe point, skip to approximately the last 7 minutes of the episode.

Also in this episode…

Theme Song Love!

This Week in Transformers History 


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