The Star Wars Craft Book Now Available For Pre-Order

In this new book, Bonnie Burton expands on the projects she brought to and teaches us how to turn a washcloth into a wampa, a plastic planter into an AT-AT herb garden, make a Jabba the Hutt body pillow and more.


  • Playtime: Make toys like Cantina Character Finger Puppets, Cuddly Bantha, Bith Band Spoon Puppets, Admiral Sackbar Paper Bag Puppet, Jar Jar Jedi Mind Trick Doll, Washcloth Wampa and more! Plus Mouse Droid Cat Toy and Rotta the Huttlet Squeaky Dog Toy for your pets.
  • Home Decor: Spruce up your space with a Space Slug Draft Blocker, Chewbacca Tissue Box Cover, Jabba the Hutt Body Pillow, Ewok Flower Vase, Mounted Acklay Head, Han Solo in Soaponite, Star Wars Marble Magnets and more.
  • Holiday Crafts: Celebrate festive occasions with Wookiee Pumpkin, Hanukkah Droidel, Star Wars Action Figure Wreath, Mistle-TIE Fighter and other holiday crafts.
  • Nature and Science Crafts: Craft with supplies from outdoors to make an Emperor Appletine Doll, Wookiee Bird House, AT-AT Herb Garden, Bossk Bean Art Portraits, Star Wars Rock Buddies, Dagobah Carnivorous Plant Habitat and more.
  • Star Wars Style: Give your wardrobe a dose of intergalactic chic with an Ewok Fleece Hat, R2-D2 Crocheted Beanie, Star Wars T-shirt Blanket and tote bag, Star Wars Character Rings and more.

DIYers have to have this when it comes out on March 29th. However, you can pre-order a signed copy from the Star Wars Shop for $20 or pre-order a standard copy from Amazon for $12 on sale.



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