Prime Time Geek Episode 179: Amazons Don’t Wear Blue Vinyl!


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Contents of Episode 179, brought to you by Slacker and the Man, Heroes Landing, and The AAA Network:

  • Wonder Woman’s new TV costume: what we think;
  • Guest TV Reviews: V: The Second Season (Stu); Justified (Stu and the Man); Young Justice (Stu and the Man)

Since this episode was recorded, there have been, of course, a number of updates on the topics covered – Wonder Woman’s costume has changed yet again, due seemingly to fan outcry; and Captain America: The First Avenger now has a full trailer online to view, and with full knowledge that a trailer can make anything look good, we here at PTG humbly submit that this trailer SHOULD put the doubts of all but the most dubious of skeptics and hardened of haters to rest. Check it out for yourself, if you haven’t already:


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