PlayStation Store To Return On May 24

PSN Down: Sony Announces New Plans For PlayStation Network

According to a report on industry blog Gamasutra, the PlayStation Store will be returning in less than a week. Gamasutra’s source is a memo sent to developer that says, barring any further problems, the Store will be back up on May 24, which would mean PSN users chould get to claim their “make-good” gifts from Sony before June.

According to the memo, the Store will be publishing two updates per week in order to catch up with the PSN downtime schedule.

When the PlayStation Store reopens, it will distribute content that was originally scheduled to publish on April 26. Then, three days later, the next set of games and demos will go up. Content will drop on May 31 and June 3 that was originally planned to be spread over three weeks. After that, the company will be back on its regular weekly schedule.


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