Students Banned From High School Graduation Because of Lightsaber Battle

A pair of high-school seniors have been suspended and may not be allowed to walk during their graduation ceremony after staging a mock lightsaber duel senior prank between the two of them in the school’s cafeteria during lunch.

“So one kid walked in from one side of the lunchroom and another one to the other side, and he called him out in a fight…And they pulled out their saber toys and in a joking manner proceeded to fight for a solid, like, 30 seconds,” said Kevin Carr.
“Everybody laughed at it…gave them a standing ovation. Nobody saw it as a big deal,” said Carr.

It’s a big deal to administrators. The two students were escorted to the principal’s office, suspended for two days and told they wouldn’t be able to walk in their graduation ceremony next Friday.

“They very easily could have hit another student they could have started something different…someone could have gotten hurt,” said Westfield High School Principal Raymond Broderick.


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