Twincast #22 The Seiber-Tron-Job

The crew arrived back from their trips to Pasadena, CA for BotCon 2011. Once assembled back in their respective locations, the Podcast staff decided to do an impromptu podcast to let give all of you faithful listeners a little insight to our experiences at this year’s BotCon.

In episode #22 “The Seiber-Tron-Job”, Seibertron (Ryan) compares this year’s convention to previous BotCons, Jon3.0 realizes what binds all of us together at each BotCon, Diem (Dave) shares his thoughts about his first BotCon, our final thoughts on this year’s exclusives, Jon3.0 shares some his very cool experiences with all of us as he got the chance to rub elbows with some famous people in our hobby, and more than meets the eye!

Download episode #22 here and don’t be shy — tell us what you think about this episode on our Energon Pub forums.



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