Photos of Chris Evans as Captain America on Avengers Set

The Avengers is currently filming and we have some new photos of Chris Evans in the role of Captain America from the set. This updated costume looks much better than the one from the Captain America movie. This one has more of a super hero feel to it where as the one in Captain America looked like a paintball outfit. I’m still not sold on Chris Evans in the role. Just a bad choice in general and the Captain America movie proved it. Luckily the movie will still have the other Avengers and their phenominal actors. I’m really looking forward to The Avengers and really hope Joss Whedon does a great job with the film. Hopefully Joss can get a good performance out of Evans, but I’m not gonna put high expectations on that one.

Check out the photos and let us know what you think of the costume and The Avengers movie in general.


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