The Electric Information Show Episodes 3 & 4

Please continue to check out our new friends over at The Electric Information Show. Here’s Episodes 3 & 4 while we get you caught up with them.

Episode Three: “Unlucky Devilish Talismans”

So like, how was your weekend, man? Did you do anything special? Spend time with the family, play some videogames, watch some movies, get Raptured? No, huh? Us neither. So we sat around and complained about the world not coming to an end and recorded it so you could listen to it. Join Touya and Joe along with special guests Aaron, Shadowman and Tweezy as we discuss armageddon, breakfast treats, Hitman video games and the late, great Randy Savage. All this and so much less on the Electric Information Show!

Episode Four: Grand Theft Vampire

It’s a tabletop discussion with some videogaming thrown in. Aaron of the Lost World and Dave “YouAreReading” make this a very random episode with very random things happening from a serious discussion of Dungeons and Dragons mechanics to lighthearted banter about nothing in particular. Stop, drop and roll some dice on this episode and remember to leave us some feedback at

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