South Park To Stay On Air Through 2016

South Park fans have no worry of seeing their beloved show go off the air anytime soon. Comedy Central and series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have reached an agreement that will keep the show on through the 2016 season. What that also means is that the show will hit its twentieth season. This will make it only the second prime time animated television series to reach that landmark. The first series to do so was The Simpsons, which is approaching its 25th season on the air.

While many series have come and gone, South Park thrives on a channel that allows it to get away with a lot of edgy content and an audience that appreciates it. The quick and effective production style of the series allows episodes to be made quickly and perfectly bring about the social and political commentary they are well known for. Many of today’s big news stories and celebrity misgivings are lampooned on the show and South Park is usually the first to satirize those events due to their quick ability to produce episodes.

Matt and Trey continue to be as hands on with the series today as they were when it started. They still oversee the creative process and the show is still as funny and thought provoking as it has always been. They continue to push the boundaries and are well rewarded for it. Here’s to more continued success from the South Park team.


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