The Real Congregation :: That Good Time Feeling!


You were sitting there saying to yourself, “I sure wish that I could hear some new Guided By Voices, and maybe an obscure Chubby Checker song. And I want to hear them on The Real Congregation. And if they could somehow pull off doing an interview with mash-up pioneers that have been at it since 1986, like, I don’t know, say… The Evolution Control Committee? That’d be pretty cool. But I wouldn’t be totally happy unless I could also hear an interview with MC Wreckshin about playing live shows in Korea. Oh, and they’d have to play a couple of their patented Strange Records Of The Week. And unless all of that somehow falls into place and occurs right this very second? I’m gonna find some way to cross a hamburger with a dolphin until it becomes a Hamdolphin or something. I don’t know.”

You’re welcome, internet.


  1. Pertaining To The Beat :: The Evolution Control Committee
  2. My Mind Comes From A High Place :: Chubby Checker
  3. How I Met My Mother :: Guided By Voices
  4. But I Don’t Believe In Evolution! :: The Evolution Control Committee
  5. Pwn Monkey :: The Evolution Control Committee
  6. What Would You Think If I Sang Autotune? :: The Evolution Control Committee
  7. Hippy Version Of The 23rd Psalm :: Pastor John Rydgren
  8. Hotel California :: The Castle Park High School Chorus & Jazz Band
  9. Bird Life :: MC Wreckshin
  10. Show Me How To Grow Food :: The Money Boys
  11. The J & H Productions Tape :: J & H Productions

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