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This week, Marc With a C unveils his idea for a Disney theme Park that would knock all others out of the box, talks about some really good new bands he discovered while playing his own pop songs in public, generally loses his mind over a recently released collection of Carole King demos, and unveils an especially quirky block of our “Strange Records Of The Week”.

Yes, that’s all one sentence. Deal with it.



  1. Oo-De-Lally :: Roger Miller
  2. DJ :: David Bowie
  3. The Only Place :: Best Coast
  4. When I Grow Up :: The Beach Boys
  5. The Lonely Ghost :: Bozmo
  6. East Coast :: Alexander & The Grapes
  7. Celebration, Florida :: Chumbawamba
  8. Yours Until Tomorrow :: Carole King
  9. Take 54 :: Harry Nilsson
  10. Who The Philip Glass Of This Rap Shit? :: Satellite High
  11. Live At Union Square (Nov. 1986) :: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
  12. When The Mode Of The Music Changes :: The Fugs
  13. Maharishi :: Roger Hallmark
  14. Thru These Walls :: Phil Collins

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