Nintendo announces Luigi’s Ghost Mansion for Wii U

Nintendo took to the stage at E3 Expo this week to announce their plans for the upcoming year. The video game maker made several announcements including several games that will be available for the next generation of Nintendo console, the Wii U. One of those will feature a predominantly sidekick character getting a chance to shine on his own.

In a somewhat sequel to the Gamecube hit, Luigi’s mansion, Mario’s lanky brother will once again take the top billing of a game and be the star of Luigi’s Ghost Mansion: Haunting Hijinks. The game will be part of the Nintendo Land gaming package. The game will offer a unique gameplay approach. The four player title will allow three players to team up as a ghost hunting team to take down a ghost controlled by the fourth player.

Players will be able to take the weapons from the original game to track down, weaken, and finally incapacitate the ghost. If the ghost goes down, the players win. The ghost will also have his own abilities and be able to attack the players and drain their life. If the ghost can take down the players, it wins.

Nintendo’s Wii U will be their next generation of console. It will continue on the principles of motion control and enhanced party play that the original Wii became popular for. No release date has been announced for the game yet, but with being announced at E3, it would be a strong contender for a release with the launch of the console.


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