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On this episode, Marc With a C digs up an exclusive treat for you: a cassette mixtape that he made back in 2001 called “Cuddle: The Soundtrack To The 90′s Romantic-teen-angst-coming-of-age-drama That Never Was“. For no good reason, this mixtape has held an inexplicably secure place in Marc’s heart, so much so that he’s decided to play it for you in it’s entirety, directly from the rather aged cassette!

Here’s the rather clunky description written to go along with the tape upon completion, over a decade ago: “Don’t you just love those romantic/comedy/drama movies of the early 90′s that were really just vehicles for some great soundtracks? I mean, just think back to ‘Reality Bites’, ‘Mad Love’, ’10 Things I Hate About You’… when looked back upon, these aren’t exactly the stuff that great film is made of. They were just middling period pieces made to get kids into their local cinemas. And as if stealing their 7 dollars wasn’t enough for an hour and a half of Winona Rider, Ben Affleck, Ethan Hawke, and in some good cases, Drew Barrymore… they would then fill the soundtrack with the ‘hottest’ in ‘alternative bands’ to further milk the helpless teenagers. My god, am I ever glad that they did!!! I cant get enough of these movies featuring Hollywood’s ideas of what normal ‘alterna-life’ in the ’90′s was all about. So many cliches, so many bad on-screen kisses, so many great soundtracks!!! Getting to the point… in this mix, I tried to invoke the spirit of those wonderful 90′s soundtracks by filling up a 120 minute cassette with songs that could have fit into any of those films, be it in lyrics, mood or sound. Heck, a few of these actually *were* in a few of those movies. I hope you enjoy my ‘fictitious soundtrack’ tribute to the soundtracks of the alternative soundtracks of the ’90′s!!!

Overzealous or what? Well, for better or worse, here’s the tape, and Marc’s exclusive holiday gift to you all. See you in 2013!


  1. Sweet Shine :: Sonic Youth
  2. Tom Courtenay :: Yo La Tengo
  3. Saints :: The Breeders
  4. Ugly On The Outside :: The Judybats
  5. Nitemare Hippy Girl :: Beck
  6. Hypocrite :: Lush
  7. The Great Big No :: The Lemonheads
  8. Hate Me :: Nerdy Girl
  9. Love Buzz :: Nirvana
  10. Nirvana :: Juliana Hatfield
  11. Untogether :: Belly
  12. Brand New Love :: Superchunk
  13. Swim :: Madder Rose
  14. Here Comes My Girl :: Throneberry
  15. Automatic Buffalo :: The Sheila Divine
  16. Punk Means Cuddle :: Tsunami
  17. Upside Down :: Yo La Tengo
  18. Keep On Loving You :: The Lemonheads
  19. Drug Girls :: Velocity Girl
  20. What You Do To Me :: Teenage Fanclub
  21. Crush With Eyeliner :: R.E.M.
  22. Ultra Anxiety (Teenage Style) :: Madder Rose
  23. Westside Angst :: That Dog
  24. At The Mall :: The Mommyheads
  25. Spin The Bottle :: Juliana Hatfield
  26. Snowsuit Sound :: Sloan
  27. Tomboy :: Bettie Serveert
  28. Still? :: SF Seals
  29. Deep Talk In The Shallow End :: Ben Lee
  30. Summer Babe :: Pavement
  31. Sounds Familiar :: The Weakerthans
  32. Divorce Song :: Liz Phair
  33. Things :: Meat Puppets
  34. Crayola :: Tuscadero

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