Guardians of Geekdom Episode 7: Guardians of Guilty Pleasures


Wow, its been a while!  Welcome to the seventh episode of Guardians of Geekdom.  We welcome no new hosts this week (WHAT A TWEEST)! Hosts Dusty , Ricky, Sheina, Jon, and the omnipresent, yet surprisingly quiet, Bacon, discuss pokemans (let me show you them)male and fem..errr,.. Pokemon X and Y, Stargate SG-1: Unleashed being announced, Jon rambling about his video game guilty pleasures (I think some of the other hosts had some, too), late-to-the-cool-kids-party news that J.J. Abrams is set to direct the new Star Wars flicks (money, money, money moneyyy), leaked info on the new Xbox the Durango, and the bowling gauntlet has been thrown at any local podcasts.


Check out The Covert Cast, a Paranormal/Conspiracy podcast hosted by Dusty and sometimes other members of the GoG.

Our intro comes from the band Sci-Fried. It’s the song “Geeks Rule the World” from their album Co-op mode.

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