E3 Forza 5 Gameplay Trailer

The next generation of the Forza series was unveiled during the Microsoft portion of E3’s coverage on Monday. The XBox One exclusive launch title is as beautiful as the series has always been. The game was announced top have a number of new features including what has been dubbed “Driveatar”.

Driveatar will replace the more traditional AI found in these types of games. It will be a more adaptive gaming experience. The new technology will work with the cloud to take your input and adapt ti your driving style. It will then use the data to find matched up opponents for you to race against in multiplayer mode. This will work to create more realistic human driving behavior in the game to create the ultimate racing experience.

Microsoft showed off the stunning visuals of the game with a trailer consisting of all in game footage. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think of Forza 5. The Forza series has always been fun. These new advances should take it to an all new level.


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