Three Years Down, More to Follow

Hard to believe another year has come and gone. This particular blog is written in honor of a special occasion. The site is now three years old. It’s been a long and rewarding year. Seeing great leaps in traffic, getting to conventions with media passes for the first time, making new friends, and the whole experience of the last year has just made it an amazing one.

Getting media passes was the first big thing to happen during year three. August 2012 saw the site get press passes to both Star Wars Celebration and Nerdapalooza within weeks of each other. It’s been awesome to get access to those kind of events. That goal of being with the geek community at its events will hopefully only get better over the next year and for years to come.

With a new year ahead of us, it means things need to get bigger and better. The last year has been a great year for the site. We brought in some great content. Big thanks to Shawn of Geek Talk for allowing his toy reviews to be posted on the site. Also, a shout out to my former Hashtag Heel co-host Joe Convoy for starting the D&D web series, Critical Botch! that is featured on the site every week. Also thanks to those that have written guest blogs for the site. I appreciate the unique views you’ve brought to the site.

In the coming year, I would love to expand the convention coverage of the site. Currently, event coverage primarily consists of the photos I take at events. I would love to start doing more video projects to really give the people that come to the site a better glimpse at what convention life is like. This would also include interviews done at conventions. Part of this will have to wait until I can invest in some better video equipment, but it is in the plans for the site.

Another area I would like to expand in is original content. This can include the above mentioned convention content. It would also include more reviews, original blog posts, skits, and maybe even tutorials. I’ve even toyed with the idea of creating another podcast. Even the news posts will take on a more personal style in tone as I will likely begin adding my own commentary to the news posted and making the articles on the site more unique. Those plans will be further developed over the next few months.

Keeping the community engaged is another priority. With the continuing advances in social media, it’s important to keep those in line with the sites goals. A goal I have is to get the Facebook page to 10,000 likes. I want Geek World Order to be an awesome place to be for any geeks. Star Trek, Star Wars, fantasy, anime, comic books, and any other fandoms are allowed here and there’s something for everyone. I know we can build an amazing community online.

I must take a moment to thank all the friends and supporters of the site. The list is becoming longer and longer and it would almost feel wrong to mention names as I would inevitably forget someone. If you are reading this and have plugged the site on your podcast or shouted us out on stage or whatever your platform may be, then thank you. Without the support, which I try to reciprocate and shout out to all of you as often as possible, Geek World Order would not be as big as it is today. I look forward to working with all of you into the future. For those reading this and and we haven’t worked together, then it may only be a matter of time before our paths cross. I also look forward to the new friends I meet through the site this year and in years to come.

To the readers of the site, I must thank you as well. Without each of you coming to the site, telling your friends about it, and coming back for more, today would not be possible. Thank you all for your love and support.

I can certainly say that the future looks very bright for Geek World Order. Today marks the three year anniversary of this site. Hopefully, it’ll be around or a whole lot longer than that. It has always been my goal that Geek World Order be the place where geeks unite.Here’s to continuing that goal and making the next year a great one for the site.


-Randy Pence

Founder, Geek World Order


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