The Real Congregation :: Attack Of The Killer B’s


While Marc With a C was away from The Real Congregation, he wasn’t away from his ongoing projects. As a matter of fact, he had more time than ever to lie back and enjoy The Journey!

What’s The Journey, you ask? You must be new ’round these parts. That’s fine, of course. We cotton to city folk pretty quickly. Said journey is Marc listening to every single album in his annoyingly large record collection in alphabetical order by artist. He may be finished at some point in 2024. In the meantime? He’s mired in the “B” section, and he’s playing you a few highlights!

By the way, we are in no way kidding about the projected timeline when Marc will be done with The Journey. Trust us, the math checks out.


  1. Go Insane :: Lindsey Buckingham
  2. I Like ‘Em Big and Stupid :: Julie Brown
  3. Licking Stick – Licking Stick :: James Brown
  4. Bucket Of Nails :: Bucket Of Nails
  5. Your Face Be Ugly :: Bucket Of Nails
  6. Satan (live) :: Bucket Of Nails
  7. Jello Halo Boy :: Bucket Of Nails
  8. Lights Out :: BTH
  9. Killers From The Start :: Bugs Eat Books
  10. Opened :: The Breeders
  11. Cannonball :: The Breeders
  12. The She :: The Breeders
  13. Bang On :: The Breeders
  14. Space Express :: Harry Breuer and Jean Jacques Perry
  15. Anthems For a Seventeen Year Old Girl :: Broken Social Scene
  16. Car :: Built To Spill

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