Movie Review: Justice League War

DC brings us another of their animated features. The latest offering Justice League War. The film is based on the first story arc of Justice League from DC’s New 52 line. The feature delivered as DC’s animated features usually do.

The story sees the team assemble to take on Darkseid and his minions. We also get a very good origin story for Cyborg. Many of the interactions of the team members are spot on. The highlight of the movie was the back and forth between Green Lantern and Batman. Voice acting was fantastic. None of the normal voices were in the film, but Alan Tudyk delivered a great Superman. Jason O’Mara took the reins as Batman in this one and brought a great dynamic to the character.

Visuals were great and the animation was crisp and fluid. The looks of the New 52 costumes translated very well.

The film does not include Aquaman who will have his own feature film soon. His spot on the team is filled by Shazam. Some of his story from the comic is touched upon, but it is largely ignored in the movie.

Otherwise, Justice Leage War is a great movie. DC continues its excellence in animated features. Check it out.


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