Pokemon Arrives On Netflix

“I wanna be the very best…”

Those words can start a riot of song at a convention. The Pokemon theme is among the most recognized cartoon themes of all time. If you were a child of the late nineties when the games and anime came out you know all about it. The series has been airing in Japan since 1997 and came over to the US in 1998.

Sixteen years and numerous training partners later, Ash and his friends take on a new adventure: revisiting our childhoods from the region of Netflix. The popular anime has finally made its way to the video streaming service. The first season, several of the movies, and the most recent season featuring generation 5 Pokemon are now up for viewing.

Reliving the adventures of Ash, Misty, Brock and Team Rocket brings back a lot of memories. I was 12 when the anime debuted, so I was right in the target demographics when the Pokemon craze took over. I spent a lot of allowance money on the craze. Games, toys, cards, and other things. I’ve kept up with the games and recently finished Pokemon X. It’s fun going back and watching a show that was a big part of my childhood. Although, my productivity over the next few weeks might be  a lot lower than normal.


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