Transformers The Ride: 3D Universal Studios


Armed with a year long pass to Universal Studios Florida, I finally got a chance to ride one of the rides at the park I’ve wanted to for a long time. Transformers The Ride: 3D. ┬áBeing a fan of Transformers, I was excited when they announced the ride going into Universal Studios. The ride is located on what used to be Soundstage 44, which for many years housed a Murder, She Wrote crowd participation show.

You will likely experience a wait as this is still a popular attraction over a year after it opened. The premise of the ride is simple. A Decepticon attack on the NEST facility forces the remaining piece of the Allspark to be evacuated. The wait for the line includes video clips from Optimus, Bumblebee, and others to introduce the story. Ironhide gives you a rundown of the Decepticons. Once the story is set in motion, you are introduced to Evac, an Autobot who specializes in transport. His alt mode is that of the vehicle that you get into for the ride.

The ride is a 3D motion simulator, so there are quick, jarring movements. The ride is fast paced and the 3D glasses might leave you a bit disoriented as the action can blur a bit if you have issues with focusing. The ride is only a few minutes long, so it might not irritate you too bad if you get headaches during 3D movies. Overall the ride is fun and a welcome site into a theme park I haven’t been to in ten years.


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