Kasugai Ramune Gummy Candy


Ramune is a beverage based out of Japan that is very similar to soda. It comes in a variety of flavors. It features a unique bottle design in which a marble is in the top of the bottle. The lid is used to push the marble down to open it. Ramune can be easily obtained through anime conventions, Japanese markets, and online distribution.

Kasugai has made a line of gummy candies with ramune flavors. I received a bag for Christmas and was excited to try them. The ones I got were based on the original flavor of ramune, which is a lemon-lime flavor. The gummies had a very nice texture. They weren’t hard to chew and they weren’t liquidy. The consistency was perfect for a gummy candy. The flavor is nice and subtle. It wasn’t very overpowering. The flavor is very reminiscent of Sprite or other lemon-lime sodas. The actual ramune has that flavor as well. The flavor of the ramune is very well recreated in this candy. It also does not have any kind of aftertaste. The candies come individually wrapped in the main bag to stay fresher and to not stick together.

These ramune gummy candies are delicious and are well worth trying. I’ll definitely look to see what other flavors I can find. Definitely makes me want a ramune to wash it down with. I would definitely recommend these.


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