Nerd Music Meltdown #24: David Yasensky from Random Encounter, Select Start, and now Walmaster

We are doing a deep dive into VGM band history on this episode with David Yasensky, who you may know best for his time in Random Encounter as their guitarist Konami. Before that, he played guitar in the chamber orchestra Select Start. Yes, he goes that far back.

We talk in-depth about David’s time in those bands, plus the early years of MAGFest, Nerdapalooza, Florida anime conventions, and even touring with Video Games Live! David also gives his perspective on why Random Encounter ended and what he has next with his new moniker… Walmaster. We go from VGM to Synthwave with David and you can check out Walmaster at

Kent also talks about Avengers: Endgame, Final Fantasy VII, and Orlando Overdrive IV.

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