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It’s The Real Congregation’s 30th Episode Extravaganza!!!*

Join us as Marc With a C celebrates the achievement of a round number by playing songs, explaining why Liz Phair is cursed with “Star Wars syndrome”, and finds more ways to break any previous record for mentions of The Monkees per episode in one podcast series.

As if that weren’t enough to tickle yer pickle… Marc is lucky enough to have an in depth chat with Ed Sanders of The Fugs. Focusing mainly on their brilliantly bizarre 1968 masterpiece It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest, Ed has a plethora of stories to tell about this era, from working with Reprise Records to spending $25,000 on an record that was heavy on bawdy humor and waltzes. He’ll also give us an update about the ongoing adventures of Johnny Pissoff, and he namedrops the surprising celebrity that may be holding on to the long lost Fugs outtakes!

(*-may not actually be our 30th episode)


  1. Daily Nightly :: The Monkees
  2. Dr. Jimmy (soundtrack mix) :: The Who
  3. My Wife :: Juliana Hatfield
  4. Soap Star Joe :: Liz Phair
  5. Brenda’s Iron Sledge :: Robyn Hitchcock
  6. Slum Goddess :: The Fugs
  7. Crystal Liaison :: The Fugs
  8. Burial Waltz :: The Fugs
  9. Wide, Wide River :: The Fugs
  10. Snippets from side two of “It Crawled Into My Hand, Honest” :: The Fugs
  11. Johnny Pissoff Meets The Red Angel :: The Fugs
  12. The Iliad :: Ed Sanders
  13. Jimmy Joe, The Hippybilly Boy :: Ed Sanders
  14. Irene :: The Fugs
  15. The Show Must Go On :: The Protomen

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