The Long Coat Mafia: From Indie Creators To Flat Earth Weirdness Caught On Skype while playing Magic The Gathering


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This episode Big Candy once again Skyp’s in to talk Magic the Gathering, some conspiracy theories like flat earth and that of the odd voice mail posted by a Twitter user named Ty, all whe while The Godfather reviews and the indie comic Vengeance Nevada by B.J. Mendelson and rants about indie creators being better and the odd partnership offer we recieved, and a whole lit more!

if You wish to get Vengeance Nevada Issue #1 (Credits: Cover Art by Isidore Koliavras. Interior Art and Letters by Peter Czaplarski. (Pronounced Cha-Plar-ski). Story and characters by B.J. Mendelson) you canpurchase a copy for $2.99 at Comixology or at

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