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DisasterArtistBook 0

The Disaster Artist (Book) Review

Occasionally, there comes a set of circumstances so insane you can hardly believe them. That just happens to describe the making of the movie, The Room, the 2003 film now with a cult following...

IronMan2 0

MCU Retrospect – Iron Man 2

Continuing with our retrospect of the MCU, we take a look back at Iron Man 2. The first sequel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we catch up with Tony Stark and his escapades as...

Hulk 0

MCU Retrospect – The Incredible Hulk

Continuing on with out retrospective of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in preparation for Avengers: Infinity War, we come to the second installment in the franchise, The Incredible Hulk.   Continuing to produce films...


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