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LaterNeverNow 0

Milk Carton Superstars – Later Never Now

The artists will take over before the end of the world… A call for artistry and creativity in uncertain times or the start of something else? Sometimes hard to tell, but that won’t stop...

LatteePopTart 1

Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Latte PopTart

Sometimes you just need something sweet to snack on. Life happens and the sweet tooth hits. I found a new opportunity to indulge my sweet tooth in the breakfast aisle of my grocery store....

CurseWords 0

Curse Words #1

The thought of wizards harkens many of us to olden times. Medieval times with knights, kings, and queens. But what if wizards existed in out time. What kind of effect would that have on...

WWE1 0

WWE #1

Do not try this at home. The words that proceeded wrestling shows for many years. Boom Studios brings us a look into the large than life world of WWE. This first issue starts with...

jlpr 0

Justice League vs Power Rowers #1

DC Comics and Boom Studios team up to bring us a six issue run featuring the Justice League and the Power Rangers. We start out with some shots of Angel Grove before something terrible...

deadpoolduck 0

Deadpool The Duck #1

It’s a new year and Marvel has some new comics coming our way. First up, comes a crossover featuring Deadpool and Howard The Duck. The comic begins with a SHIELD agent taking Deadpool to...


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