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DragonCon GIJoe Photoshoot

Among the many things to occur at DragonCon, you will find many group fandom photoshoots throughout the weekend. These photoshoots are absolutely fun and are a great way for fans to get together and...


I Finally Made It To DragonCon!

Eventually a streak is going to be broken. Sometimes this is a good thing. For me, this was a great thing. My long streak of not going to DragonCon is over. My first convention...


SDCC Star Trek Reactions

There was a lot of news coming out of San Diego Comic Con in regard to Star Trek. I look through some of the announcements and give my reactions on the Picard trailer. I...


Photo Editing Stream 7/7/19

Here is the replay of the stream where I edited the photos from a recent trip. We took a drive to North Florida and one of the stops we made was at the Barberville...


Top 5 Moments From Wrestlemania 35

Wrestlemania has come and gone for the year. The annual sports entertainment spectacle always aims to give fans many moments to remember as big matches happen and championships are on the line. Including the...

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