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DragonCon Photos – Saturday

Saturday is always the busiest day for a convention. DragonCon was no exception. So many costumes made their way through the convention. So many events were happening. Saturday is the day of the DragonCon...


DragonCon Photos – Friday

Going into the second day of DragonCon, I was ready for more. With more familiarity of how the hotels connected and what was where, I continued my DragonCon journey. Friday was when I got...


DragonCon Photos – Thursday

I am still so happy to have been able to get to DragonCon this year. The annual pop culture convention in Atlanta, GA completely met all of my expectations. I was able to experience...


DragonCon X-Men Photoshoot

X-Men has always had a strong footing in nerd culture. The series served as an allegory for people’s differences: race, gender, sexuality, physical conditions. It gave us a backdrop to show that even though...


DragonCon GIJoe Photoshoot

Among the many things to occur at DragonCon, you will find many group fandom photoshoots throughout the weekend. These photoshoots are absolutely fun and are a great way for fans to get together and...


Operation: Yorktown Photos

Members of The Finest GIJoe Costume Club gathered in Mt. Pleasent, South Carolina for their annual photoshoot at USS Yorktown. Check out our photos from the event.

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