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Alton Brown – Pop Song

Alton Brown has an album out. Yes, the host of Good Eats has an all food based album out. It’s on Spotify I can’t make this up. Check out this music video for the...

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Lando Gambino – A Star Wars Parody

Check out an all new parody from The Nerdist. With the release of Solo, we have Donald Glover stepping into the role of Lando. Glover is also the musical act Childish Gambino, so it...

BreakTrhough 0

Meri Amber – Break Through

Check out the video for ‘Break Through’, a song that was written during Meri’s Gaming4Life Twitch stream taking lyric suggestions from chat, where she was raising money for Sony Foundation’s ‘You Can’ program. The Sork...


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