Awesome Collection of Geek Inspired Motorcycle Helmets

There’s nothing like riding a motorcycle with the wind blowing in your face on a nice sunny day, is there? Of course, you can always liven things up by wearing a custom made helmet. There is no shortage of custom-made helmets, but the ones that YouTube user tigerpause444 has made seem to have no match. His creations are too cool not to share.

Take a look at this Iron Man helmet.
Iron Man Helmet
Here’s how the helmet was made.

He also has a Bumblebee Helmet.
Bumblebee Helmet

And Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Helmet

He has other helmets that are just as geeky and cool as those three above, and they are showcased in action in the video below. It is pretty long, but do check it out as the helmets are worth it.

These helmets are fully functional and they even have lights, speakers, and mics. The thing is that tigerpause444 says they do NOT meet the standards of the Department of Transportation. That didn’t stop these guys from having a blast, though. And I love the Safety Disclaimer:

Please be aware that these helmets do not meet DOT (Department of Transportation) specifications. They are not intended for use on any motorized vehicles. They are not designed to be a safety helmet and will not protect your head on impact. If you are injured, permanently disabled, or receive a ticket while wearing this helmet, tigerpause444 is not liable.


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  1. i actually would love to purchase a helmet with the ideas you have been coming up with. How can i go about it or are you guys not selling yet?

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