Pokemon The Musical


The Online Musical Presents: ‘Pokemon: The Musical’ — the unauthorized, true story of the life and times of Ash Ketchum and friends. Plus singing.

Lyrics & Directed by Jeff Luppino-Esposito
Music by Matt Savarese

For your sing-along pleasure:
LYRICS to Pokemon: The Musical available at:

Director: Jeff Luppino-Esposito
Music Director: Matt Savarese
Production Manager & Costume Designer: Anna McGrady
Assistant Director: Ryan Campbell
Costume Assistants: Anne Donnelly, Emma Volpe
Sound: Matt Savarese, Ryan Campbell
Stage Manager: Anne Donnelly
Set Designers: Kelsey Petrie, Anna McGrady
Social Media Manager: Stelios Phili
Social Media Assistant: Emma Volpe
Random Tech: Adam Campbell, Anna McGrady


Ash Ketchum: Paul Truitt
Professor Oak: Tyler Frankenberg
Brock: Sam Reeder
Misty: Sylvia Kates
Gary/Dickface: John Lehmann
Pikachu: Erin McDonald
James: Ryan Campbell
Jessie: Claire McKercher
Meowth: Jason Carpenter
Eevee: Matt Savarese
Nurse Joy/Officer Jenny: Anna “Babs” Schneider
Squirtle/Dugrtrio/Magikarp: Corbin Puryear
Bulbasaur/Dugtrio: Adam Smith
Charmander/Dugtrio: Daniel Prillaman
Charizard: Ryan Richardson
Ash’s Mom: Caitlin Morton


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