Supergirl #1 Review

DC Supergirl #1 Review

by Randy Pence

DC’s relaunch has brought forth a variety of titles featuring a variety of characters. Many of which I know nothing of their backgrounds. Many I only know by their name and appearance. One of those is Supergirl. Beyond her name I know nothing of this character besides her being in the Superman universe.

With that said I decided to read issue number one. The issue itself was a very quick read. Not that it was written very dumbed down, it was just a simple to follow issue. It was a lot of action and lighter on the dialogue.

The issue starts as an object goes through space and lands on earth. The object ends up in Russia and is revealed to be a Kryptonian shuttle. Supergirl has awakened and has no idea where she is.

A government team is sent in to reterive the shuttle and find Supergirl awake. She can’t understand what they are saying as they try to peacefully bring her in. She ends up destroying several mech suits and nearly killing their pilots.

A mysterious figure swoops in and yells for her to stop in Kryptonian. She looks up to see Superman and the issue ends here.

The issue gave me enough action to be satisfied and I’ll go ahead and keep following this one for the time being. I’ll go ahead and recommend you you pick it up. The artwork is good and the book had plenty of action.


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