Comic Review: Transformers Regeneration One #81

IDW certainly knows how to handle licensed property comics. That tradition continues withTransformers Regeneration One #81. The new series takes the original Marvel comic story lines and continues in a new direction. They have been doing this for some time with the G.I. Joe franchise with much success. The new Transformers story takes place twenty-one years after the conclusion of Marvel’s run. Coincidentally, it’s also been twenty-one years since the Marvel run of comics ended back in the early nineties.

In the wake of The Great War, Cybertron stands as a haven for both the Autobots and Decepticons with Optimus Prime as the elected ruler of the planet. A number of rogue Decepticons still cause trouble under the leadership of Soundwave. They cause several skirmishes and Kup wants to take his team, The Wreckers, in to handle the situation. Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime do not want them to engage as it may show hostility and upset the balance they set out to achieve between Autobot and Decepticons.

After disregarding orders, Kup and The Wreckers decide to travel to other planets affected by The Great War to see how the Transformers actions affected those worlds. On earth, they make a startling discovery that leaves us on a cliffhanger for the next issue.

Simon Furman‘s writing and Andrew Wildman‘s art highlight this book. The duo worked for Marvel on the original Transformers comics and they bring this book to life. The art style is a throwback to the art of the era and is quite beautiful. The writing is solid and their is plenty of action to keep the issue going.

This series is a definite buy it now. IDW has definitely created a world worthy of its predecessor. Check out Transformers Regeneration One at your local comic book store today.


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