Sci-Fried “Co-Op Mode” Review

This Is Co-Op Mode…

Another Challenger Has Entered The Arena…

The Godfathers of Geek Rock, Sci-Fried, have truly outdone themselves. For over a year, they have been working on a new album project. That project comes to fruition with the release of Co-Op Mode. The band’s fourth studio features the band working with so many great geek music acts to bring us a collection of the greatest team ups in geek music history.

The Bossfights, MC Lars, Kirby Krackle, Marc With A C, Inverse Phase, MadHatter ,King Pheenix, Insane Ian, Shinobi MC, HD Ninja, Captain Dan, Warp 11, Mikey Mason, Emergency Pizza Party, and Rappy McRapperson all contribute to the album that reads like a who’s who of geek music. The multiple styles of music represented make this a phenomenal album.

The album starts off with the title song Co-Op Mode featuring The Bossfights and declares what the album is and is just a great song to crank up as load as possible. The subject matter is as diverse as any Sci-Fried album and really plays to the band’s mantra of “Geeks Unite.” Video games, the zombie apocalypse, the horrors of retail, and online piracy are all covered in the most appropriate of ways.

The band even takes a moment to poke some fun at themselves. The only track without a second act attached is a Richard Cheese like version of their hard rocking hit “Evil Dead Guy”. The album shows the versatility of the band with all of the artists they work with and all the songs are done quite well. This is a must for fans of geek music and fans of music in general. The album is fun, fast paced, and fantastic.


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