Marc With A C “Popular Music” Review

Singer, songwriter, entertainer Marc With A C starts out the new year with an all new album release. The result of a daring social media campaign, the songs are inspired by input given directly by Marc’s fans and truly lives up to it’s name of “Popular Music”.

Marc offered comment on the approach of the album:

“In order to better serve you as an entertainer and recording artist, I took it upon myself to ask a series of ‘market research’ questions on various social media networks as an experiment in the limits of ‘crowdsourcing’. I’d then let the results influence the direction of the songs on my new record, Popular Music. Some took the queries seriously, others took part in a pastime known as ‘trolling’. I made no distinction between the two types of responses, and now I’m happy to report the following: as you, the listener, have already said that these are things you would enjoy, I feel confident in saying that Popular Music is the best record that you and I have ever made together.”


Marc then took the crowdsourcing effort one step further. After the market research, he began an IndieGoGo campaign to possibly fund the album’s production on vinyl. The medium indeed proved popular as fans gave to Marc’s campaign and the album will be available on beautiful colored vinyl when the album releases on February 5th.

The songs themselves are all representative of the creativity, fun, and snarkiness that you come to expect from a Marc With A C album. The title track sets the tone of the album and is an absolute hit. Free Bird is a funny song that comes after a long time of Marc being requested to play Skynard (sometimes as a joke, sometimes seriously). Daddy Make The Sun Come Out is a rousing song from a dog’s point of view that will hit any pet owner directly in the feels. The album is nicely rounded out by studio versions of Dickpuncher 3: The Dickening and The True Story of Triforce Mike. The Triforce Mike tribute features backing vocals from Cap Blackard and Hex, two men who were close to Mike.

I recommend “Popular Music” as it is a definite must have album.


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