Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Deep from within the breach comes a horrifying menace. The evil, menacing kaiju threaten to destroy the world. Tendem pilots take to giant mecha called Jaegers to fight them. This is the story of Pacific Rim.

This was a fantastic movie. It had great characters, a great story, and was larger than life. The best way to describe Guillermo Del Toro’s latest film is anime that has come to life. For those of us that grew up with Japanese monster movies, Power Rangers, and other media that involved robots and giant monsters, this is a love story to those fans.

The special effects are top notch. The fight scens and the detail in the kaiju and jaegers is phenomenal. Everything was fluid and this really felt like a larger than life movie. This is the modern definition of a summer blockbuster, filled with awesome action.

Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kakuchi are a great combo as the leads in the film and have a lot of on screen chemistry. No one delivered a bad performance. One of the funniest performances was from Ron Perlman, who played a lowlife black market kaiju body parts seller. He played the sleazy businessman perfectly.

There are movies that you must experience on a big screen. Pacific Rim is one of those movies. great sound, awesome action, giant robots and monsters make for a great combination. I highly recommend this movie. it is a must see in this summer movie season.


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