An Introduction To Marc With A C: More Than A Greatest Hits Album

Marc With A C has been in the music business for well over a decade. With that kind of longevity in the music scene, Marc has released a lot of albums, compilations, EPs, and a litany of singles online. This has led to a bit of a conundrum. It raises the question of where do you begin if you’re new to Marc With A C’s music? Luckily, Marc’s newest release is the answer to that question. While this could very well be called Marc With A C’s Greatest Hits, Marc has decided to go in a completely different direction altogether.

His latest release is called “An Introduction To Marc With A C”. The 14 track compilation really does a great job of condensing the hefty library of Marc’s work into a workable starting point to let people know where to start.

The compilation came as a result of the same social media strategies that helped shaped the final form of Marc’s last release, “Popular Music”. Marc took a series of polls asking fans for their favorite tracks and input as to why people loved them. After taking the votes, input, and some of his own personal input and veto power, the introduction compilation was born.

That being said, Marc now needs your help, with the album released, now it has to get into people’s physical and digital hands. Share the link on social media, send it in an email, burn it to a disk. The compilation is on Bandcamp under the pay what you want model. Yes, that even includes free.

The lineup of songs includes many fan favorites and some of those that have great backstories and history at Marc’s shows. I’ll let you all experience it for yourself, but I will let you all know that Nerdy Girls, a personal favorite of mine is on the list. You can all sleep well know that little fact. So go forth and tell everyone about An Introduction to Marc With A C. It ain’t your momma’s greatest hits album, it’s a social experiment in introducing new fans to fan favorite.


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