The Real Live Sound Of Marc With a C

It’s an album that has been a long time in the making. For years, Marc With A C has been asked to release a live album. Well, the wait is over and the final product is well worth it. The Real Live Sound Of Marc With a C truly captures what is means to go to a Marc With A C show.

A Marc With A C show is a lot of things. it’s a bunch of friends gathering around to hear low-fi nerdy pop songs. It’s hearing the stories as to how Marc came up with many of these songs. It’s singing along to those songs. It’s having a great time. All of these elements are captured on this album.

This show took place at Sleeping Moon Cafe in Winter Park, Florida last September. Marc performed the show with the intent of recording the show to make a live album. The song selection really highlights Marc’s song catalog. Many of the songs are his most popular songs and the ones that have the best stories behind them. Marc tells stories about his life, his family, his views on vinyl records, and this one crazy time he took some Ambien.

The crowd participation on some of the songs shows the fun of a Marc With A C show. You can even hear the audience singing along during the songs. I should know. I was at that show and I hear my voice a few times singing along with everyone else.

Marc has a song called “Music Can Heal”. Going to Marc With A C shows regularly is like having this little family that you can hang with, laugh with, and cry with. The songs touch us and we all feel that connection. This album brings back a lot of great memories from a show that was a blast to attend and is amazing to relive every time I hear it.

The Real Live Sound Of Marc With a C is a must have for any fan of Marc With A C and anyone who loves live albums. The audio is clear and brings you to a great place. It is available on download, CD, and for a limited time vinyl here.


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