Treehouse of Horror 25


Every year, The Simpsons airs a halloween special known as Treehouse of Horror. The annual special features a trio of shorts that feature gags far over the top than your average Simpsons episode. The shorts feature spooky settings, adaptations of spooky stories and trips to hell courtesy of the devil himself. This year’s edition was the 25th annual edition. The Halloween spectacular originated in the second season of the series.

The episode consisted of the first short, “School is Hell” where Bart finds a portal to hell and goes to a school that specializes in his brand of torture and vandalism. “A Clockwork Yellow” is a tribute to the works of Stanley Kubrick with Moe, Homer, Lenny, and Carl as the characters from A Clockwork Orange with references to Full metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut, and his other films. The third short, “The Others” features the Simpson household being haunted by the Simpson family as they appeared in the first season of the series. It also features a nice reference to a character that hasn’t been seen or heard from since the early seasons.

The gags and jokes were as outlandish as ever. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episodes are always fun to watch and this year’s was no exception. Congratulations to Fox on the longevity of The Simpsons and for hitting 25 years of Treehouse of Horror.


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