2015: The Year of The Geek


Here we are after another trip around the sun. I don’t see any hoverboards or self tying sneakers, but I think 2015 is gonna be a great year. Hard to think that in July, this site will be five years old. Definitely looking forward to it.

Time for a new year and new challenges. With the move to help promote more geeky creations and creativity and move the site to be the place to showcase great geeky content, I’ll work even harder this year to keep it coming at you. A big thanks to Shawn, Bert and Joe for letting me post their videos. Also to the podcasts that are a part of the GWO Network. New content will becoming this year. I will also be doing more of my own video content. Spanning The Generations will be returning shortly after its test run. I’ll keep doing the Loot Crates and I have a few ideas on the back burner.

Another area of improvement will be in the writing. I am going to be doing more blog style entries and more written reviews. I plan to start doing more snack reviews and some retro gaming blogs as I go through my gaming collection this year.

Convention coverage will continue as strong as ever. I was a bit disappointed with the number of events I was able to attend last year. I’m hoping to be able to cover at least 20 events this year depending on finances and other circumstances. I’m also hoping to be able to attend more types of events. The photo game will stay strong at events though.

Speaking of the photo game, that will be expanded on as well. I would love to do more themed photoshoots and some individual cosplay spotlights. Some equipment upgrades are on the goal list as well this year. Photos were one of the things that started this site and I want to be able to deliver more and grow that area.

One of the last things I want to work on is interviews. With the hopeful uptick in convention activity, I’ll be able to get some interviews. Tt was a goal that I did not achieve last year, but came very close to doing so.

Overall, this year should start off on a great note this year and many personal issues that have hindered the site growth are not in my life to start this year. I can put more focus on the site and that should bring some awesome things this year. Let’s take this journey together geeks. It’ll be worth it.


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