Marc With A C – “Unicorns Get More Bacon” Album Review


Orlando singer-songwriter Marc With A C has released a new album entitled “Unicorns Get More Bacon”. Marc has been well known for his odd music and catchy tunes. This album is true to form for Marc in both visual and audio ways.


The first thing I have to comment on is the art work. The collaborative effort between Marc’s daughter and artist Katharine Miller is stunning. The imagery includes trapper keepers, bright 90s colors, unicorns and cartoon versions of Marc’s rabbits. It looks like a Lisa Frank factory exploded, but in a very odd satisfying way that really gets you ready for the album.


If you have the vinyl version of the album, it is a real treat. Marc puts a lot of effort into his vinyl releases and this one is no different. In addition to the incredible artwork, the album is beautiful. It is pressed in a pink vinyl with a blue splatter.


Now that we have a pretty package, does the content measure up to what we see outside? The answer to that is a resounding yes. Marc has brought a great collection of his fun, catchy songs to the table. The album is headed up by the title track “Unicorns Get More Bacon”, a bit self referential humor that lampoons the music industry and writing songs for the fans vs for the masses. The album continues to flow from there. From fun songs like “Ballad of Dick Steel” to heart warming singles like “Make You Better” Marc delivers a strong range vocal wise that makes the album fun to listen to.

All in all, this has quickly become one of my favorite Marc With A C albums. I definitely recommend checking this one out.


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