Justice League vs Power Rowers #1


DC Comics and Boom Studios team up to bring us a six issue run featuring the Justice League and the Power Rangers.

We start out with some shots of Angel Grove before something terrible happens. We get shots of the rangers demorphed being greeted by Superman. He explains that he know how the events happened and we go to the next page at the command center 36 hours earlier.  Alpha 5 has gone missing and the rangers go looking for him. After Zack finds Alpha, he brings him back to the base and Alpha does not look well at all. All of a sudden, this is revealed as a trick and Lord Zedd appears after tricking the rangers to get a way into the command center. Zack morphs and fights Zedd. The transporter is activated but is damaged in the attack. Zack and Zedd are transported out.

Zack is disoriented from injuries sustained in the fight and with Zedd currently not in sight runs into Batman, thinking he is one of Zedd’s monsters. Batman quickly deduces Zack’s injuries and tries to immobilize him. The other rangers appear and try to tell Zack that he s not where he thinks he is. The rangers try to take him home, but The Flash appears to aid Batman. The rangers call in some Dinozord power to make an exit to try to find Zedd. The Flash calls Watchtower for back up.

All in all, this was a fun issue and a good way to start the series. The art is done well and the story moved along to keep a good pace. I haven’t kept up with Boom Studio’s Power Rangers series, so I don’t know the timeline there. Lord Zedd is the Ranger’s villain, but they still have the Dinozords and Tommy is still the Green Ranger with no visible degradation to his powers. It made me think but did not detract from being able to enjoy the issue. We still have to see what Zedd gets up to in Gotham and of course get to see appearances from the rest of the Justice League and the associated villains to come up in the series. I am so far looking forward to the rest of this series so far.


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