Breathing New Life Into Geek World Order


Here we are the end of another year. Looking back, it was a pretty good year. I managed to get to a total of 27 events this year. That is a personal record and a staggering number. Pretty good to manage an average of going to an event every other weekend. I was able to go to different types of events and cover them as press, paid photographer and staff in some cases. I made more of an effort to cosplay and get int other facets of geekiness. I also continued brining great geeky content from all over the net.


Although in some regards, I felt the effort I put into the site last year was not the best I could provide. While I presented great content, I did not create much of my own. I felt somewhat stagnant in that regard and have felt such the last couple of years. I am here today to apologize for that.


2018 is going to be a year of growth and development for the site. I know I need to be creating content as well. That is going to be the focus of 2018 as I take the site forward and really find the voice of Geek World Order. I am going to be working on content in several ways:


Celebrity Interviews: This seems to keep cropping up on these lists every year. This one is high on my list to achieve. Sometimes it has been my own lack of preparing. Sometimes it’s bad luck and things cancelling last minute. This is one I will be working to fix the problems with.


Reviews: This is something I have slacked on the last few years. Between written and video reviews, I need to do more. I will be working to keep my writing skills sharp with more TV and movie reviews. Video reviews will definitely come more frequently. I will be doing more snack reviews and also Spanning The Generations will be coming back. I hadn’t realized it had been so long since an episode of that came out.


I continue to find new avenues of creativity. I am looking to do more specialty photo shoots and other video projects. I have been wanting to make a music video or be involved in the making of one for some time now. I have been working in the background to learn more on the video side and it’s time to bring that into fruition with new video content.


Another thing I think about is how can Geek World Order really benefit the community. Being at events and experiencing them is always a great time, but I wonder how I can give back. Many great groups I know are involved in charity works and holding events to help the local community. One thing I would like to be more involved in is this. I will be working to learn how to put on an event or try to work with some of the great community building events.


2018 is going to be a great year. The last year has brought on a lot of growth in the background. Learning new skills, working on networking and people skills. I am now realizing that I need to be more outgoing and aggressive in a way to see site growth.  Feel like the wheel is just spinning and not going anywhere. It’s time to change that. Thank you all for sticking by me so far and let’s take this site to new heights in 2018.



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