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Marvel looked to make a big impact as they begin their march toward Avengers: Endgame in a couple of months. As each new film comes out, the preceding movies introduce new elements that will come together to tie the new Avengers all together. One of the major players of the film will be Captain Marvel and the release of her solo film gives us the introduction we need.

This movie was a fun romp. Set in 1995, we get looks at pre-Avengers SHIELD and a younger Coulson. The 90s backdrop provides some good nostalgia to contrast the sci-fi space adventure that this movie presents to us. Captain Marvel has a lot of the Guardians of the Galaxy feel to it with action on multiple planets, space battles and a nostalgic soundtrack to tie it all together.

There was a lot of pressure on Captain Marvel to perform as this was the first Marvel film to be presented with a woman in the lead role. DC had performed well and set records when they debuted Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. Marvel know what they were doing though. Captain Marvel was released on March 8, which is International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate women and their accomplishments provided a great background to the release of Captain Marvel, as the film does have a central line of Carol Danvers discovering who she is and learning to truly harness her powers.

From start to finish, this was s fun movie. The pacing was great and the story moved along well to keep the audience engaged. There a number of funny moments that truly help this keep the distinct Marvel feel with the right amount of humor to offset the serious parts. Marvel know how to bring a comic book to life and reading comics needs to be fun and enjoyable. This movie was that. It gave me what I wanted from a comic book movie. The visuals were amazing as always and on top of being a fun movie, Captain Marvel is a beautiful movie.

This was the first Marvel movie released after the death of Stan Lee. The opening Marvel branding at the beginning of every MCU movie was done as a special tribute to Stan and his cameo appearances. The movie itself of course featured a cameo by Stan. This one is believed to be his next to last. It has been confirmed that there will be a cameo in Endgame, but nothing after that is known or confirmed. Stan’s appearance is a touching one. It is also a reference to one of his earliest film roles before his well hyped cameos in Marvel movies.

Overall, I enjoyed Captain Marvel. In the post Avengers: Endgame time, I want to see more of this character and how Marvel will continue to introduce more new characters and make stars of them all. Even after ten years, the MCU still has me as a fan and I keep getting excited for each new release.


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