Looking Toward 2020

Hard to believe that we’re already looking at 2020. The last year has certainly gone by very quickly. Looking back on 2019, it may have been one of the best years of my life.

So many good things happened this past year. I moved out of a bad rental situation into being a home owner and have slowly built my office into the command center that Geek World Order deserves. I was able to make it to two out of state events. The first was Operation: Yorktown with The Finest GIJoe Costume Club. The other being DragonCon. Even with having to return a day early due to a Hurricane nearing home, the overall experience was an absolute blast and in the process I crossed an item off my bucket list. I still don’t understand how I made that trip work but now I’m ready to do it again.

Overall, I feel that content on the site was overall lacking on my end. Much of the year was consumed with the aforementioned housing situation which took up a lot of time and resources. Overall, it was a needed change. It released a lot of emotional baggage and now I can move forward and get back in the swing of things. This past year was a down year in attendance of conventions. This was a purposeful choice. Mainly due to the need for funds for the move and settling in. Partly it was to focus on the out of state trips and lastly, I needed a small break. Luckily with all of this behind me, I can move on and get back to attending conventions more frequently as well as looking for other types of events to experience and cover.

While overall content was down, what was created helped revitalize my creativity. The content I am most proud of is Totally Radical Cartoon Podcast. I had been wanting to do a podcast for some time, but needed the right format. There are numerous nerdy podcasts and I didn’t want to be another in a sea of shows. I finally found a niche and was able to explore it. With each episode, I learn a little bit more and keep getting more ideas.

The last year was a year of liberation, letting go and moving forward. After a number of years, I feel the most stable in a number of ways. Now it is time to experience more. In 2020, there is a lot to look forward to. The site will celebrate it’s 10th anniversary in July. I am already making plans to attend Operation: Yorktown and DragonCon again.

Overall after the last year, I am renewed creatively. I have ideas and I am ready to expand. I want to create a music video, do more vlogs, maybe even so skits. I want to create more original content and move towards becoming more of an entertainer while producing new content. I already have plans on how to accomplish this and I will share more as this happens.

Everything that happened in 2019 happened at the right time. As the site nears it’s 10th anniversary, I believe the experiences of the past year will strengthen the site as I move into the future with it. I am refreshed, renewed and have a clearer vision for the future of the site. Thank you to all who have stuck around during this year of rebuilding and growth. It truly means a lot to me and I am glad you will be taking the ride with me as this site grows and becomes something greater and better.


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