Geek World Order Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Hello Geeks and welcome to a very special day. Today is the 10th anniversary of Geek World Order.

It’s crazy to believe that we’ve come so far in that amount of time. It doesn’t feel like all that long ago, I sitting at Nerdapalooza in 2010 putting this idea together. I was wanting to start a nerdy site for a while but couldn’t decide on a direction. some great conversations with Dr Vern of Sci-Fried that weekend really set things in motion.

For the last ten years it has been a roller coaster of experiences, memories and making many great friends along the way. I absolutely cherish all of those memories and must take a moment to thank all of those who have supported the site and helped take this site to new and exciting heights.

I have learned so much from improving my photography to getting backstage at shows and backstage etiquette. From podcasts to celebrity interviews to being in front of and behind the camera for cosplay shoots, I have done so many great things that have made the site worth it.

After the last anniversary, I knocked one of my biggest bucket list items off: DragonCon. That is definitely one of the meccas of convention experience. The miracles that had to be pulled to make the trip so late in the game just stand out as one of my favorite experiences of all time and the reward it produced was beyond belief. I will definitely be back when the situation permits.

Speaking of situations, of course this year has not gone anywhere close to planned. The global pandemic has made conventions impossible so far. So far, I have only been to two conventions in 2020, the last being in February. I haven’t been to so few conventions in one year since 2007. it is certainly an odd situation. I very much miss conventions. They have always been a place I have thrived and felt really in place and at peace. Very odd considering how introverted I am in real life.

This has caused me to adapt in how I bring content to you all. I have been going strong on Totally Radical Cartoon Podcast with my cohost Phil. We just hit the one year mark of the show this week as well as this anniversary.

I am also working on weekly vlogs to bring you into my life and document the things I do other than conventions and how I am adapting to current life. I have definitely lacked in Youtube content the last few years. This is part of my new adaptation plan. The site continues to refine its identity and showcasing my own content and talent is a renewed focus as well as providing content from a cross the internet.

Times have been tough and I know we all long to see each other at a convention again. I feel it everyday and I too can not wait to see my nerdy family again in person. We will meet again. In the meantime, thank you to all who have supported the site and have personified the mantra of geeks unite. You all have my love and support.

Live long and prosper,



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