GIJoe Cosplay at DragonCon 2023

DragonCon is a show like no other. Every Labor Day weekend, thousands gather the streets of Downtown Atlanta for the biggest nerdy party of the year. Many fandoms are represented and one of those fans groups very much alive and well is GIJoe.

Throughout the weekend, you can find many costumers portraying their favorite Joe and Cobra characters. Kids to adults can enjoy GIJoe and be a part of the festivities.

There are a number of events at DragonCon geared towards GIJoe fans. On Thursday at the Hyatt, members of The Finest GIJoe costume club have a get together yo catch up with friends from garrisons across the country. On Saturday, GIJoe is represented in the annual DragonCon parade. Finally on Sunday, there is a group photoshoot at the Hilton steps open to anyone who participates in GIJoe cosplay.

Check out the photos I took during DragonCon weekend during these events. There was great turnout for the events this year and it goes to show that GIJoe is still a much beloved fandom.


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